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Hi, New York!

Truth be told, planning dates are not my strong suit! I prefer to follow lead, get lost in the delight of surprises, and leave unscripted hours to our whims and spontaneity… still, I’ve tried to curate some experiences that would excite me in the city. 

I suggest centering a date around one experience and a meal (that will likely require reservations!). Shopping never fails to make me happy, coffee + tea breaks keep me warm inside, casual strolls fill me with delight, and spa appointments are a fantastic way to start the day, unwind, and recover from one too many wine glass clinks. 

Please forgive me as my restaurant list is still in the making… I do lean towards experience- and atmosphere-based fine dining as well as tasting menus and omakase!

We arrive at the Met steps at midday and fall into the beauty of history-riddled art. After an afternoon coffee and Madison Ave stroll, our minds buzzing, we unwind at Aire Ancient Baths. Freshly bathed, we dress in suits & silks before heading out to a gorgeous dinner in the city. We retire to moonlit skyline views

Lazy work days at The Baccarat…

Take your business calls as you send me off to the in-house La Mer spa and shopping on Madison Ave. Before we know it, it’s tea time… let’s clink cups and delight in tiny sandwiches (and tiny lingerie… afterwards)!

A shopping day at Bergdorf’s… not complete without a dressing room rendezvous and a bite in their cafe!

Daring stops on Soho strolls… 

Leyla Amar is a luxury companion and high-end Washington D.C. escort.