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May 2022

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A guide on how to find a companion (online)

Too long, didn’t want to read? My answer is Tryst and Twitter

We’re everywhere, but seemingly nowhere at the same time. A few websites dominate google search results when searching for ‘[my city] escorts’. The bigger the city, the more overpopulated the search results and few quality sites shining through. And for those who don’t know exactly what to look for… it can get confusing. 

I should premise fairly quickly on that my post is geared towards those with an intention and budget for a high-end escort, which truthfully, is hard to define. My short description is of a woman who sets a rate for her time beginning at the 500/hr range (going up to 2500/hr) and offers a ‘girlfriend experience’ where the quality and authenticity of time spent together is the backbone of her business model. Oftentimes this is accompanied by a conventionally attractive look (though not always fully adherent to), personal website, well-done photoshoots, social media presence, and advertising for dates that include social activities such as meals, shopping, and travels. Fellow SWers: please forgive my oversimplified and brief definition. This is certainly not the only type of escort that exists, but is the main focus of my post, and describes the space I most comfortably categorize myself in. I like to describe different ‘categories’ of escorts, or even s*x workers at large, as different. Not better nor worse; not superior nor inferior; simply different experiences. What’s best for you completely depends on what it is you are looking for, and what you prioritize as a client. 

A few other premises… this guide is on how to find reputable escorts in the US. Each country comes with their own laws and culture, and it drastically affects how and where clients and escorts virtually find each other. It is my dream one day (in addition to a personal yacht and world peace) to have one major escort-owned site used across all major cities and business hubs in the world. And lastly, this guide is riddled with oversimplifications. I am relatively new to the game defined by a post-Covid landscape, and not someone with a good background in writing. I have so many concepts I want to – need to – introduce, but with limited ability to fully explain them. So bear with me, Google is your friend, and I welcome criticism of my brief explanations and definitions as I attempt to cover a daunting topic. 

Ad Sites 

Escorts (whom lovingly self-refer to ourselves as companions, my personal word of choice) for the most part pay for our own ads. When you stumble upon on an escort advertising site that conglomerates all of our personal ads with a thumbnail picture accompanied by our name and a few other personal details, you are looking at an ad that we paid the site to host and post on our behalf. We rely on these ad sites for business. Clients know to go there, to search there, and to find us there. We can pay anywhere from $30/month to $300/day, depending on the  site, our location, and ad placement within the site. It’s all online real estate.

As this business falls in murky waters in the eyes of the law, despite the fact that we are paid for our time only, we are unfortunately subject to the whims of policymakers that drastically affect our ability and method to advertise online. When a law called SESTA/FOSTA passed in 2018, the most-trafficked ad website to find escorts, Backpage, was shut down. The main commerceplace, the main virtual market, the center of it all – shut down. I wasn’t around as a companion when this happened, so I didn’t personally know the affects, but anecdotally I know it was a huge, huge knock for all of us. It is like how Amazon provides a platform for many small businesses to sell their products… take Amazon away, and the consumer scrambles to find those products on their own without the overarching site, and the small businesses with the products are left stranded from their consumer base. Not good.

I perceive that this phenomenon drove a further wedge between ‘no-review’ escorts and escorts who do allow reviews as other ad sites had to rise in the newly created marketplace vacuum. Many of the most popular escort advertising sites, or escort-finding sites, are actually review forums and review sites. I do not participate in these, and therefore am not very well-versed in them. Nor do I want to give much platform to them (likely at the critique of some of my peers), though I truly respect each companions’ decision-making on whether they chose to list their details on these sites. Review sites are escort-finding sites with personal independent escorts’ profile accompanied by reviews written by clients she’s seen. Review forums are less about personal escorts’ listings, and more a general space for clients or potential clients to discuss escorts they’ve seen or want to see. I’ll leave the politics of review sites to a post I’ll never write, and simply say, I don’t recommend them. There are many high-end girls who use them in addition to other popular sites. You’re not missing out on anyone by skipping out on them if what you’re looking for is a ‘high-end escort’. I say, why not go straight to the more polished popular sites?

A quick run-down of popular ad sites: 

Tryst – the diamond in the rough. Tryst is run by escorts, for escorts. Their customer service team is one of the best, and has a really great user-rating from the community they provide for (us). In terms of aesthetic cleanliness, algorithm ranking, and wide varray of locations available, Tryst is #1. You can look up escorts in Louisville, Kentucky as well as in Manhattan, New York and more-or-less find what it is you’re looking for. Most of my business comes directly from Tryst. 

Eros – a website on the downfall. Once widely used, I no longer believe Eros is a reputable website to find girlfriend-experience escorts. Their costs have become too prohibitive for the little unique business they bring in (costs ranging from $250/month for small town based-escorts to $500/day for big-city front placement). They also have been known to cooperate with law enforcement, and so when escorts were asked to provide their government IDs to approve their ads, many of us chose not to continue advertising on this platform. Eros also does not provide ad locations for every city, so you may be limited in that way as well. If you rely on Eros, you are missing out on a huge subsect of escorts. I also personally find some of the ads on the site to be cat-fish-y. 

Slixa – a mixed bag. Slixa is user-friendly with clean aesthetics, however, they do not attract a lot of unique client eyes. They’re not a main driver of business for escorts, and so at some point, the cost-benefit analysis of paying for ads to exist on Slixa’s directory is no longer a good business decision. Like Eros, Slixa does not provide ad locations for every city, or even every, state, so listings are location-limited. To browse only through Slixa would result in missing out on a huge subsect of escorts. Most who advertise on Slixa are on Tryst as well.

Preferred411 – a private portal. Sounds pretty cool, right? Only those who are vetted in (both clients and escorts) are allowed access into the website. I believe this site was at it’s peak a few years ago. With the passing of SESTA/FOSTA, Preferred411 (also known as P411), tightened their vetting screening to the point that the influx of new providers and clients joining the site slowed dramatically. I appreciate that it no longer has a hegemony on our screening processes.  

Social Media

With the shut-down of BackPage, came the blossoming of Twitter. Well, escort Twitter. It’s a beautiful, sexy-yet-wholesome part of Twitter stumbled on by few. Rather than attempt to describe this hidden-in-plain-sight world, I welcome you to take a look at my Twitter profile and explore from there. We interact with each other – like, follow, comment, retweet. With one companion is a connection to hundreds of other companions’ profiles. Twitter gives an opportune way to display a bit more individuality and personality than a character-limited advertisement. It can be quite intimidating to be inundated by so much simultaneous sex appeal and likeable personability of hundreds of gorgeous women, so for any new clients reading this: I highly recommend Twitter as a secondary-screening upon finding a few profiles of companions in your desired location you take to from Tryst. Once you found ‘Jane Doe’ on Tryst, if she has a Twitter profile (and not all high-end companions participate in social media, for a variety of very valid reasons), you can browse through her profile. It is likely that she will interact with a few particularly like-minded companions, and this provides a smooth way to explore other potential matches for you. Please note, however, that likes, follows, and retweets are not necessarily endorsements of other companions. We too get intimidated by how many people there are to meet and many of us choose to limit how tight knit our circles are! 

With all this said, it is truly up to you how much time you want to devote to finding a companion. Whether you want to find one and see one only, or try out a few at first, or be a serial-dater… is completely up to you. Regardless, I find that clients who invest into their relationships often reap the greatest rewards and experience a special sort of relationship that is hard to emulate otherwise and elsewhere. Like visiting any other service provider such as a massage therapist, personal trainer, or therapist, developing good rapport really helps in feeling increasing levels of comfort, openness, anticipation, excitement, and joy. For the traveling man, having the right, delicious-looking, company in a new city can be one of your small joys in life. If you follow your companions’ website (screening, deposit, etiquette), you are certain to have a good time. I wish you all the best in finding what you’re looking for!

luxury exotic escort louisville

End note: This level of honesty and forthcomingness is unique to my blog post! I prefer to talk about beaches than ad sites, but, I hope this is found as helpful and informative (or at the very least, intriguing) to whomever may stumble upon!

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