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Leyla Amar is a luxury companion based in New York City

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About Me

Leyla Amar – the stunning lithe brunette that piqued your curiosity! I am a mid-twenty-something who’s beginning 2022 as a new Manhattanite. 

I hope to meet with a few well-educated and kind gentlemen who can appreciate my youth, beauty, and intelligence. I also have a soft spot for those who enjoy traveling as much as I do! 

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The Physical

Unenhanced, fit, slim hourglass. 34-25-39. 125 lbs. Average height, but often in heels.

Wandering eyes are met with my innocent face, gorgeous dancer’s body, and cascading brunette locks. 

Behind the blur lie dark honey doe-eyes framed by Southern European facial features and warm sensuous lips that animate for intelligent men. 

My Mediterranean skin varies from a light olive to a sun-kissed tan, depending on the season and my vacationing schedule. 

You’ll find that beneath the delicate layers of silks & lace, I am groomed au naturale.

Luxury Kinky Escort Louisville



book: Le Petit Prince

magazine: Logic Magazine

tree: this willow tree in Boston Common

cuisine: sushi. light but satisfying. if you’ve worn me out well, your most expensive steak. 

drink: a light white (Sauvignon Blanc)

accessories: cartier. drape me in gold. 

scent: bakeries… marzipan…

guilty pleasure: rich slab of butter slathered on warm bread. also, hentai.

personality trait: curious intelligence

Luxury Kinky Escort Louisville

Luxury Kinky Escort Louisville

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Leyla Amar is an all-natural luxury companion and exclusive escort located in NYC and Washington DC. A former professional dancer who mixes youthful girl-next-door with sophistication, she’s available for those that want only the best by their side. She specializes as a bespoke super-secret conference mistress and curious travel partner-in-crime across the world.