Overwhelmingly feminine

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I wish I could say who is able to make me feel this way, or how. But it's beyond language. I apologize for this sparse page of vague inclination which I reserve mostly for my own imagination anyways.

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Do you crave for intimacy that revolves around power and control?

So do I.

I ask we have built rapport and emotional connection before indulging in depraved pleasure. So, submissive-Leyla is only available to those with whom I’ve spent at least 3 social dates with and I am selective of service at my discretion. Please plan accordingly.

Things I enjoy: pet names, dirty talk, light choking, restraint, muffling, manhandling, light hair pulling, orders & commands, your hand at the back of my head, age play, head pats, praise, teasing, being bought out by unreasonable amounts of money, reasonably gentle dominance

Hard limits: blindfolding, pain, leaving marks on body, public humiliation, any unsafe activities, unreasonable coercion, obvious non-consent

Mandatory: gifts, social date, aftercare.  

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We all have preferences, don’t we?

Ready to play?

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Leyla Amar is an all-natural luxury exotic eurasian escort and companion. A submissive college girl that mixes youthfulness with intelligence, she’s the perfect companion for those looking for a coquettish girl next door.