Girl on bed in La Perla - PETIT MACRAME Soutien-gorge triangle blanc en macramé

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         I am Leyla Amar and I’ve made home in coastal, Ivy-filled East to horse-whipped Midwest to heartbreaking Manhattan. These days when not missing in action I’m likely found lounging in my loft in busy Washington D.C.  

          I mosey by most and have found to greatly appreciate those who pursue those one-on-one encounters that you think about days after. I imagine you’d like to hear more about me.

Girl modeling by pool in Amangani, Jackson Hole

         I am often complimented on my natural beauty, which I take much pride in. I also receive many compliments on my dancer’s figure, long dark brown hair, and sense of style. And my personality, well… there’s more to what meets the eye. I enjoy the idea of being beautiful and well-styled for company that appreciates the same—from finding the perfect ivory linen ensemble down to the silk leg garter and laces underneath.


         One of my biggest passions is traveling. I swear that ocean waves whisper my name in my sleep! With a well-loved passport, I adopt comfortably to true travel companionship. One time, I was even almost convinced to camp out in the desert —almost. On a recent adventure, I learned scuba diving in open sea. I think the world is truly full of wonders, and sharing that joy is everything. 



       When not unpacking suitcases, I spend many of my relaxed days stretching lithely and… spilling coffee across my apartment. I spend lazy afternoons falling asleep on sun-warmed sheets – which at times are hidden under a nest of books, and at other times, are crumpled up by masculine devourment. Most frequently around are bookmarked Assouline pages and embroidered La Perla underthings.


       Feminine as can be, my presence is meant to charm, make you blush, absorb your knowledge, and push your buttons all at once. I think a hallmark of a great time out is teasing and playing with each other like we’ve known each other for years – and I hope we do!         

Girl on bed in La Perla - PETIT MACRAME Soutien-gorge triangle blanc en macramé

Few Favorites

To drink  –  water

To dine  –  omakase

To listen – My Way by Frank Sinatra

To talk  –  generative AI  |  under-rated destinations  |  best places to dine classic & unconventional  |  finding the party in the city  |  favorite podcast & most-read book  |  fitness, brain health, anti-aging


Leyla Amar is a luxury companion and high-end Washington D.C. escort.