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Activity-based & travel dates always take priority in my busy schedule…

London, UK Rates:    Take my US rate, halve it, and consider that my £ rate.

i.e. 4h dinner date is 3000 USD ($) in US and is 1500 GBP (£) in London. Applicable for Fall 2023 Tour.

I find that my favorite relationships are the ones where we see each other regularly – whether that be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or per the schedule of business trips. I adore having a date to look forward to, the tension of newness, and still the familiarity of each other.

Gentlemen, please refer to my booking form!

Email me a few proposed times and possible availabilities… I prefer 3-14 days notice for most dates. Longer dates, holding priority in my schedule, are recommended to be planned further in advance.

My preference: A 2br suite that allows for people-watching from the windows, me modeling on the assortment of desks and furniture, and messes that we will amply tip housekeeping for.

Otherwise: your upscale locale. 

The sky is the limit! (No, really, chartering a jet somewhere where sea-meets-land is always a great date idea in my book).

Feel free to peruse through a brief list of things that excite me.

Washingtonians, I am sure you will love my restaurant bucket list.

Deposits ensure my time, schedule, and energy are appreciated. Thus, necessary for both new and returning friends. To ensure my availability (and to avoid a bad impression), the deposit should be sent once we’ve found a time that works. I accept CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle for deposit (and deposit only). 

Washington DC: 20% deposit

Extended bookings (18hr+), Fly Me To You dates, or dates while on tour: 50% deposit

The Envelope  – cash 

When in private – my envelope should be discretely presented within first minutes of our date. Larger bills are always preferred! 

Bitcoin + Wire Transfer

In lieu of cash, payment in full can be arranged via Bitcoin or wire transfer (my discreet DBA company) prior to our date. This method works best for 6h+ dates and arrangements. 

Expect a follow-up email a day before our date to confirm final touches. My etiquette notes will be listed at the bottom of my email as well. 

Personality Note: sometimes I am late. It is a sad fact about me. I think I read a graph somewhere that says the hotter the girl, the more grand her late entran… I digress. Please be patient with me, and over time we will find our rhythm. I try to extend the same courtesy to you.

Our date is set up and the anticipation builds! Show me you’re thinking of me…


I understand that life is messy and cancellations happen. 

72hr+ notice:

I am happy to reschedule our date with advance notice. If that is impossible, the deposit can be sent back in the form it was given. 

Under 72hrs: 

Deposit is kept and unable to be used towards a future date. 

   I strongly recommend sending my full payment as a gesture of good faith. Those who cancel last-minute without doing so will be added to my personal blacklist. 

For extended bookings (6hr+), FMTY dates, or dates while on tour, deposits are nonrefundable.

Out of a world of laughter // Suddenly I am sad // Day and night it haunts me // The kiss I never had.

– Sydney King Russell

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Leyla Amar is an all-natural luxury companion and exclusive escort located in NYC and Washington DC. A former professional dancer who mixes youthful girl-next-door with sophistication, she’s available for those that want only the best by their side. She specializes as a bespoke super-secret conference mistress and curious travel partner-in-crime across the world.