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As an extra measure of discretion, I tend to not email clients when I am heading to their city unless I’ve been explicitly told I can. 

Subscribing to my newsletter is not just being the first to know about my tours & travels, new photoshoots, and important updates, but also consent for me to give you a personal email when I am heading to your city! 

You can unsubscribe at any time, though as a multi-worlded busy bee myself, I hardly even have the time to send out a newsletter more than once every few weeks or so. 

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I prefer to communicate my travel dates primarily through city-specific newsletters — if you’re a fellow jet setter, you may type in ‘all’ to receive every newsletter I send out.

Leyla Amar is an all-natural luxury companion and exclusive escort located in NYC and Washington DC. A former professional dancer who mixes youthful girl-next-door with sophistication, she’s available for those that want only the best by their side. She specializes as a bespoke super-secret conference mistress and curious travel partner-in-crime across the world.