Submissive Exotic Escort Louisville

Collectibles & Edibles

Late harvest wines (Sauternes, Tokaji, Beerenauslese)

Jar of local honey

Jo Malone candle – Pastel Macaroons

Bakery treats & sweets 

Assouline coffee table books

Gift Cards

Lingerie from Agent Provocateur

Wardrobe from Bloomingdales

Self-care from Sephora

Logistics from Uber


Jewelry: Nakedness I embrace, but I only ever feel I am missing something without the weight of solid gold pieces and slipping on gem-encrusted adorations. When it comes to brands, my heart beats for Roberto Coin. I love the entire Venetian Flower and Princess Flower collections. 

My most needed

 For more personal gifts, I have curated a small wishlist. I absolutely love sweet, generous surprises, and perhaps even more, I love to give thanks for them.

I-think-I-like-you gifts

Cash tips & bitcoin transfers 

Gold — bars, Cartier, & other adornments

Stocks, shares, and insider info

Apocalyptic shelter, in my name 


Doctors Without Borders

Beyond Prisons

Giving back means a lot to me. I would be pleasantly wooed if you were to donate in my name. 

They looked at me, and were so full of delight in the pleasure they were giving me that some final thread of resistance gave way and I understood not only how entirely generous they were but also that generosity might be the greatest pleasure there is.

– William Maxwell

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Leyla Amar is an all-natural luxury companion and exclusive escort located in NYC and Washington DC. A former professional dancer who mixes youthful girl-next-door with sophistication, she’s available for those that want only the best by their side. She specializes as a bespoke super-secret conference mistress and curious travel partner-in-crime across the world.