Often complimented on my classic beauty and ‘natural beauty’, I adore embracing true femininity. Beyond the soft caresses of my fresh face, long silky hair, and irresistibly smooth skin, my presence is endearingly charming and just full of life.

I take great pride in my lithe, toned, dancer’s body that shows off my many nights of dancing-like-no-ones-watching in front of my bedroom mirror. It’s not something I can control; a trained dancer since age 5, I cannot help but move myself to music. And now, with no scolding teachers and with wine being able to flow from hand to lip, and from red-stained lip to lip… that rhythmic-following-along to music… you can see how I find myself in trouble sometimes.

In some of my free time I think about reading books, and for some of that some time, I actually read the books I think about. I’ve read a vast variety of genres as an on-again, off-again bookworm. I spent much of my private highschool years either partying at Ivy Leagues or underneath the city [redacted] going from stop to stop with no intention other than to read on the subway. I am particularly drawn to poetry and historically-rich bittersweet books from my home country.

My background is bicultural, and modest yet far from ordinary. Principles of hard-work, intelligence, and proper manners were a large influence in my upbringing. Though, I always defied that first principle—I like to work smart, not hard.

My favorite way of not working hard – ok, not working at all – is traveling. It is rare that you will find me away from ocean waves for more than three months at a time. Without missing a beat, fly-together dates are some of my most sought-after and are also my personal favorite! I adopt extraordinarily well to being a true travel companion. I delight in finding anything new and novel to explore… I am eager to dip myself into every coastal sea horizon there is, and share it, all the best, in the company of my favorite people. 

I live for the days that close off to the sort of sunsets that suspend the air with indescribable present existence. And it’s why you’re here — to chase sunsets and other ephemeral things. 


I hope this gives you a small taste of what I’m like beyond the screen. We’ll have to redo this introduction in-person. I implore you to meet me… I want to meet you too.



Leyla Amar is a luxury companion and high-end Washington D.C. escort.