A Few Life Goals

July 2022

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01. Be rich

02. Be happy

03. World peace

04. Boats.

    • Have the means to rent boat charters across the world (I am not sure I want the responsibility of owning). To speak to the passion: I rented 5 private boats on my trip to Italy (Riva Tritone on Lake Como, various day-long charters in Amalfi Coast, Capri, La Maddalena, and Gulf of Orosei). I am in bliss when chasing one beautiful inaccessible shoreline after another.

05. Private Jets.

    • Again, the ability to charter rather than own. It isn’t about the aesthetic of taking a selfie next to a jet – it’s about getting places fast and independently. Emphasis on independence… covid taught us a lot, didn’t it? Everything about the airport and TSA is nightmare-ish. Flight cancellations, delays… showing up 1-3hrs early… packing restrictions… life is easier when not dealing with it.

06. Gardens.

    • Age ??, in my terrace, my feet thrown up against a white ottoman, facing a blue-fading-into-orange sky… I hope to be donating small fractions of wealth into arboretums, botanical gardens, city gardens, and beekeeping agriculture. More selfishly, I hope as well to have the pleasure of cultivating my very own garden and perhaps my own bee farm. However, I fear the things I love the most. Or rather, I fear the beings that make possible my favorite things in life (bugs – gardens, bees – honey, strange things that I feel on my leg in the ocean – the ocean).

07. Apocalyptic Shelter.

    • I’d like a safe haven from people and the elements. In fact, I’d like two shelters. One idyllic, and one true.  My idyllic home will be my safe place when the world goes to shit because of people (pandemic, recession, war). It can be beautiful and coastal. Far away from people, but not without like-minded community. My true shelter would be a true bunker. Would have to be located somewhere unattractive (triangulate the place that’s unaffected from floods, rising sea level, drought, earthquake, tornadoes, hurricane, dense population, etc.). I’m less inclined to pursue the latter.

08. A very well-payrolled pilot. 

    • To help facilitate 05 and 07 when quasi–apocalypse hits again.

I’ve flirted with everything but a proper yacht and private jet. I hope that changes soon!

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